5 Quick Tricep Building Workout Tips for Huge Triceps

With a few little tweaks you can take your triceps workout from ordinary to extraordinary. This article will look at five things you can do to make your triceps grow a heck of alot faster.

5 quick tips for bigger triceps

The triceps are an easy muscle to train. The exercises are not hard to learn and it is pretty easy to get a good burn in the muscle time after time. However, there are some simple things you can do to make those same exercises much more effective.

1. Stretch them well
One of the best things you can do to make sure your triceps get hit well is to stretch them before, during and after your workout. Stretching your triceps makes it easier to tense them. You learn what it feels like to get a proper contraction/stretch and you will warm up the muscles much more thoroughly.

2. Use cables
Getting on the cables is a great way to boost your triceps workout. The reason for this is simply that the cables keep a constant tension on the muscles. This works particularly well for the triceps in exercises like the cable pushdown.

3. Tense hard
When you get to the point in the exercise where you straighten out your arm you should really do a strong mental contraction of the tricep muscle. This is one of the main areas overlooked by a lot of beginner who think that simply doing the movement will bring growth. Tense the muscles and train them to work.

4. Use a lighter weight
A lighter weight? Are you crazy? I can hear you now. However, the reason a lighter weight is good for the triceps is that a lot of the exercises require quite a precise movement. For example, the tricep kickback needs to be done in just the right way or you end up doing some sort of a half triceps, half shoulder exercise. I see people at the gym doing it all the time. However, if you take a light weight and really focus on the muscle contraction and getting your technique perfect then there is no way you can go wrong.

5. Slow right down
Make sure each movement is done slowly. Each rep should be concentrated and mindful. Do not rush to get through them. Weak people rush through exercises; banging them out like they are a tough guy. The really strong people can handle a heavy weight with perfect technique – each repetition slow and steady.

This is how you grow big triceps.