Do Your Literature Review

So you want to understand the problem why that problem is important to solve what’s been done before to try to solve the problem why that problem hasn’t been solved yet and what you’re going to do to solve it so what are these scholars all about you think about your committee and you think about how you’re going to talk to your committee on paper with your proposal you want them to say yes you want to them say yes I love your proposal I’m in love with your poll so I will marry your proposal okay how do you get them to take you seriously you have to show them that you can do that work in your proposal. Find out what is a literature review and how to do it onĀ Robotdon.

Because that’s going to lead to that conversation where they call you that or if it’s in your master’s degree it’s a little kind of tighter it’s a little smaller but your masters may lead to your PhD do you know I’m saying okay so what they want to see is that you have a solid knowledge of your topic and then when they send you out you can talk to anybody about your about the research you’ve done you when you go to a party maybe don’t know everybody there you go into a party and you get there late okay and there are people talking in the living room you’ll remember what that was like right there people talking later I’m not talking about an undergrad party either talking in the living room talking in the kitchen talking in their little groups of people talking right so if you go in late and you approach a group of people what do you do first what’s the first thing that you introduce yourself hi hi hi hi hi but if there’s a conversation already going what do you do yeah you do listening is the literature review you need to find out what the big dogs in your field are saying about that topic so what if you just come in and you’re completely socially awkward I’m not I’m not looking at anybody in particular here but you come in and there’s a conversation going on and you just interrupt the conversation and say well my ideas blah blah you say something completely dumb and inappropriate what happens and they look at you like you’re really awkward okay.

That’s what happens when you don’t do your literature review and you just decide that that’s your idea and you spout it out for your committee is that a good analogy so what you do is you go hit the books and you read everything there is to read about that topic and you figure out different approaches that people have taken to solve that problem and then once you’ve finished listening then you enter the conversation that’s the time so if your committee says but what about so-and-so yeah I thought about so-and-so when I read that but the way that soso approach this problem doesn’t factor in this whew now you’re having a conversation with your chair aren’t you that’s the back and forth there.