Everything You Need to Know About the Diet for Bodybuilding

There is an old saying in bodybuilding circles:

Bodybuilding is 25% weight training, 25% rest and 50% diet.

This couldn’t be more true. Without a solid diet you will never make any real bodybuilding gains. Diet is the most important aspect of bodybuilding yet it seems that many of us overlook it when trying to get big. This is a big mistake. In this article I will give you a brief overview of everything that you need to know about your diet as a bodybuilder. Check your articles on online essay checker before publishing, like I do.

The importance of protein

If you want to get big muscles you need to eat protein. You need to eat a lot of it and you need to eat it often. There is no way around it. Protein is the building block of muscle gain and you cannot grow muscles without it.

However, knowing what protein to eat can be difficult for a beginner. There are so many different types around and there is so much conflicting information about them. For example, should you get your protein from food or fomr supplements? Should you take whey supplements or soy supplements? How much should you have? Can you have too much? These are all valid questions that a new bodybuilder will face.

Here are a few points about protein that should clear up a few things for you:

1. Fresh is best
If you can get protein from raw and fresh sources it is much better than the cooked stuff you find in supplements. A protein molecule is made up of many smaller amino acids that fit together like nice little building blocks. When you heat these protein molecules (as occurs when we cook food, etc) the amino acids change shape and the protein no longer works how it should.

For this reason it is important to get as much of your protein as possible from fresh sources. For example, fresh free range eggs that you eat raw in a milkshake, raw milk that hasn’t been heated, etc. These food sources are far more effective than a cooked and overproduced powder.

2. Whey is the best powder
Now that I have said “fresh is best” I also need to say that protein powders are pretty essential. Unless you are eating a whole cow everyday it is hard to get your required protein. Protein powder is good because it is lean (not many calories) and it is rich in protein in that you don’t need much of it to get the right amount. It is important to use a quality protein powder (for the reasons already mentioned).

3. Timing is vital
The most important thing you can learn if you want to grow big muscles is that the post workout meal is the most important meal of the day. It is the time when your muscles are starving for nutrients and if you down a protein milkshake straight after your workout you will increase your growing potential by up to 20%. And when I say straight away I mean straight away. Have your protein shake ready before you hit the gym and the moment you do your last set you should drink it all up. Make sure your muscles have the protein they need.