Simple Advices for a Term Paper

When you’re doing research we all go on internet right because it’s the most easy thing to but you could also go to the library if you wanted to cuz there’s books yeah there’s books and libraries you notice and yeah and also like first color resources sometimes your school has a place where you can find all this color resources because usually you need to pay to like see them online and stuff so yeah make sure to go to school too and see what you can have their. There is more great tips and hints at Edusson.

When I talk about research I’m just talking about gathering the information not reading it it’s just about getting it now when you’re meeting it what I do is I usually just like because I do most of my research online to be honest haha but yeah why I gave us i just opened a world document or peaches and i just copy paste everything and sometimes it’s like 64 pitches bomb or something like that in then I just sprint it up and I read it and I highlighted this stuff I think it’s important and all that and that’s the third part which is analysis in brainstorming so when you’re analyzed what you have like the content you have you just read it and I used to color code red highlighters and everything just to like already make an idea so I don’t have any ideas right now in my head but I mean like pink would be for some type of idea and then like that could be eventually become the first paragraph and then the second one be second paragraph you know so I’m kind of working this out in my head so every different topic I just like put it in different color and then I like I said I just like bring all the ideas and sometimes I figure out that at the end of all the research papers i did.

I just figured out that i don’t have enough information on one topic so i might go and look online for more information or just like say ok I’m not going to use that for my paper you know so you just like kind of see your options and figure out what you want to do this is like the messy part I guess now the thesis statement these two statements are such a penis because teachers always want you to write the perfect thesis statement but it’s really hard so i have Lil method I’m going to show you but it doesn’t apply to every single kind of essay I mean like a compare and contrast it is I’m gonna be built exactly the same way and like a personal essays not going to be the same waiting for my services I’m gonna be the same way but for an argumentative essay I’m gonna show you an example real quick but basically what i would say is there’s two things you need to have in your thesis statement a topic yeah and an argument.